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  • Keesha 'Mz.Mulaah Jackson

    How the fuk do I create my flippin swaag already like all this reading and no product creation... this shit is whack Im already soOoOooo... turned off from this shopify bs all these informercials on youtube and on the net is all a bag of lies on how easy this shit is. Ive been trying for the almost a year on and off to try to launch a clothing store print on demand to be exact as well as afew random peices that fit my esthics but my main thing being print on demand but the process is soOoOo... techy and boring looking the interfaces are complicated and sextremly cooky cutter you have to amp your store up from scratch as well as find/create ur product and they dont make it easy for you. I know anything worth having is worth putting in the effort but like dang you starting from scratch with this shit. LIke aint nobody got no time for dat!!!! #Disappointedinecomm #shopifyiswhack #printondemandisfukinghard

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